April 15th – Special Olympics

Submitted by Silvia Ardila

Over 350 athletes in different sports and categories participated on April 15th at the Special Olympics Hawaii. The Hawaii Kai Lions Club was present and volunteered at the Shot-Put event where around 32 athletes participated. The first group had 9 divisions with 25 male and female participants in the over 30 years old category. The second group had 7 athletes between 8 to 21 years old.

Mary, who was in charge of the shot put tent, was an excellent host and very well organized. The instructions were to stay with the group of athletes assigned to each Lion, and after that group finished competing, to escort them to the awards tent. Koy, Riley, Matt and Ryder (Koy’s son) ran the event and kept the participants enthusiastic.

Lion Tom, Lisa, Frances, David, Marja, Nancy, Silvia and CIS Bob (Nancy’s husband) arrived early in the morning and stayed until the event was done, six hours later.

It was a good experience to see the effort that many people made to keep their athlete involved, active, and part of this amazing community.