August 2017 President’s Message

Aloha Lions,

Well July flew by in a flash.  Thank you all for your patience as I get my President legs fully planted in place.

Thank you to Lion President Gary Nip of the Koko Head Lions Club for introducing our club to the new smartphone app “My Lion.”  His power point presentation clearly demonstrated this new tool developed by LCI.  It took a lot of work and research to implement this app.  Hopefully those of you with a smartphone will take a moment or two to register for this app.  It’s pretty easy to do… I know…because I did it!!  I have a hard copy of the power point with step by step instructions.  Happy to share it and assist anyone needing help.

The International Youth Camp is well underway with a group of over 20 individuals from 17 countries participating.  Thank you to our own Cynthia Chun for coordinating the activities and other arrangements.  This is annual project is a major undertaking which she has been working on for many years.  July 29th was their Diamond Head hike, which many of you participated in.  Several of us were not able to attend because it coincided with the first cabinet meeting of the year.  There is an Aloha Dinner scheduled for the international youth on Friday August 4th at 6:00 pm.  It will be a fun event at Manoa Elementary School and all are welcome to attend.  Sign-up sheet is posted on our website and cost is $20.00.

The first District 50 cabinet meeting was held on July 29th at the Pearl City Cultural Center.  PDG Merv Wee, PDG Roy Aoki, Lions Alvin Hayashibara, Ken Nishibun, Sandra Gomes, Ellsworth Fujii, and myself all attended.  Lion Ellsworth and Lion Nancy were inducted for a 2nd time by the District Govenor Blayne Hanagami.

DG Blayne Hanagami discussed the strategic objectives for District 50.  There are four primary areas of impact:

1.      Expand leadership development for all interested D50 Lions.

2.      Improve public image-thru promotion of service activities

3.      Increase net membership, increase women members, and reduce membership drops.

4.      Support member enrichment activities to expand our pride in serving

These are all great areas to focus on.  I also welcome any and all suggestions of projects and activities that will specifically impact and help improve our community.  Every one of you have special talents and strengths we’d like to explore and utilize to help our club stay relevant and impactful.

I’d like to welcome our two newest Lions to the family.  Lion Ellsworth Fujii and Lion Nancy Rocheleau were officially inducted on July 20th.  We are excited that you chose to join our great organization and look forward to all your contributions.

August 12th is the Heart Walk at Kapiolani Park.  Sign-up sheet is on the website.  Help is needed to pack the bags with a sandwich and fruit and distribute to the walkers.  This is a fun and quick project and there will also be tents where you can check your blood pressure and get your health questions answered.  Start time is 6:00am and we’re done by 11:00am.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Lion President Jeanne