Clean-Up with Friends of Hanauma Bay

On Sunday, July 17th, 7 Lions, 1 CIS, and 4 others picked up litter and debris around the upper level bus and picnic areas, and the upper parking lot of Hanauma Bay. This event was coordinated with the assistance of Alan Hong, who is newly retired from Hanauma Bay, and is henceforth coordinating the quarterly FOHB projects. Mahalo to everyone who came out!

After the event, there was discussion with Alan, and next time, if possible, we will go down to the beach to do a clean-up on the far end, where debris often gathers, especially if there has been a lot of wind. Details for down and up tram services will be worked out between Alan and Peggy, so that volunteers will NOT have to pay. We have requested to work the far end of the beach, but, as always, are aware we must be flexible, and willing to go wherever there is a need for cleanup.

In addition to those of you who signed up for this event, I would like to give special thanks to Dolores Elms Beattie for coming out, and bringing 5 people to help with this event! Dolores, I sure hope we can see you at more events this year, and especially to events that may prove beneficial to any visiting students you host!

Thanks, too, to Cynthia Chun, who came out, even while being busy co-chairing the Lions International Youth Camp!

And thanks to Rick Yee, my sponsor, who, although busy with Leo Club meetings that day, upon seeing the low attendance numbers, squeezed this project into his busy schedule!

Note: this clean-up’s biggest find was a rotting banana found by Richard Okamoto (sorry, no photo this time!)

I bought a new camera recently, and, regrettably, most of the photos were overexposed because August 2011 Ka Leo O Hawaii Kai Page 3 of a wrong setting. Regardless, the photos are posted on the Hawaii Kai Lions Club’s Smugmug site in the Gallery named “2011-07-17 Hanauma Bay Clean-up” at