February 2020 President’s Message

Well, think I’m settling back into the routine again, preparing for meetings, writing bulletins, and working on projects.

Thank you to Kelan Yoshioka for providing the Year of the Rat post-it notes and Tommy Chun for the calendars.  Please see me at the next meeting if you didn’t get one.

Thank you for providing great comments at the business meeting.  Some of you have already submitted project reports you worked on which Alvin has entered into MyLion.  The statistics show double the projects and almost triple the volunteer hours than was presented at the meeting. The Board also decided to have an annual “how to run a project” review and remind project chairs to submit an activity report.

Liza Ryan Gill and Chelsea Gonsalves from Flavors Hook Kids-HI gave a great presentation on campaign to ban flavored e-liquid tobacco products targeting kids. I did not know that Hawaii has the highest teenage use of Electronic Smoking Devices (ESDs) in the nation and almost half of high school students and 27% of middle school students have tried e-cigarettes or vaping.  Vaping is an epidemic that is creating a new generation of nicotine addicts. Their campaign is working with the legislators to change laws to restrict sale of these products to kids, educating the public, and school system. I also received an offer for the HK Lions to be listed as endorsing ban on e-liquid tobacco.  I also got approval from DG Angie to have them speak at February 15 D50 Q3 cabinet meeting.

Congratulations to Kendrick Chang and Frances Lum for completing the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute! They will bring ideas they learned to help us become a better club.

Ken Nishibun, Cynthia Chun, Dr. Roger Ede, Kendrick, Frances, and I attended the Koko Head membership meeting on January 15. A club visit is one of the requirements for Proud Lion. Gavin Hall, Koko Head Secretary, gave a rescue tube presentation that he got from Eric Kvick.

With Board approval, the Hawaii Kai Lions gave a sympathy card and $100 to the family of Officer Kaulike Kalama of District 7, East Honolulu.  John Mau, who helped us with the e-Waste project in September, got me in contact with Don Faumuina, SHOPO State Board Secretary.  Don expressed much appreciation to the HK Lions for our thoughtfulness when I presented him the card.  Thank you to Frances Lum who brought the suggestion to me!