February 3rd – Sorting of HI-5 at Koko Head Elementary School

Submitted by Lion Frances Lum

HI-5 bottles and cans were sorted at Koko Head Elementary School by five Hawaii Kai Lions along with parents, Principal Jeffrey Shitaoka, and third graders on February 3, 2022.  It was the most fun when the students came to help as they brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Throughout the year, people donate bottles and cans to Koko Head Elementary School by depositing them into one of two large cages on the school campus.  When the cages are full, they are emptied and sorted by type – glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.  Sometimes people are overzealous in their donations, so things like wine bottles which cannot be redeemed must be removed for separate recycling.  In addition, all bottle caps must be removed and discarded.   In the end, there were dozens and dozens of bagged HI-5 containers which represents income to benefit Koko Head Elementary School.

Participating in this event were Lions Silvia Ardila, Bill Kern, Eric Kimura, Appan Subramanian, and Frances Lum