August 20th – Food Drive at Koko Marina Center

Koko Marina Center holds their craft fair every third Saturday of the month and the HKLC helped collect for the Food Bank and in return those who donated got a discount card to use at certain vendors. In Marja’s words, “It was a beautiful day at the Marina listening to great live music and greeting people happy to support the Food Bank.” Lions who came out were Jeanne Alices, Silvia Ardila & Gabe, Cynthia Chun, Ells Fujii, Eric Kvick, Marja Leivo & CIS Lyn Yee. On Saturday, Sep 24, the Koko Marina Center is again looking for our help to collect donations of school supplies and receive documents for shredding as we’ve done in the past. Look for the signup sheet.

Submitted by Lion Cynthia Chun