Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

Hearing and Vision Screening – From September 14th to December 7th.

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Summited by Cynthia Chun

As soon as we got the okay from the state and DOE, our vision and hearing screenings started in September and we concluded with the last in December for Hawaii Kai.  I appreciate all of you who gave up your time to attend these screenings.  Most were needed at the hearing screenings, which PDG Shannon Ching also had to recruit others outside our zone to fill in spots crucial to making testing faster and efficient.  We did Hahaione, Kamiloiki and Koko Head schools with the pre-schools opting out this year.  The enrollment has gotten smaller but the Lions still make an effort to serve.

Members attending from 1 to 8 screenings were Jeanne Alices, Cynthia Chun, Ells Fujii, David Iwana, Eric Kimura, Marja Leivo, Frances Lum, Ken Nishibun, Nancy Rocheleau, Appan Subramanian, CIS Lyn Yee and Kerry Yoon.  Clubs that helped us were Ala Moana, Chinatown, Kamehameha, Kapa-Moi, Koko Head, Manoa and W2K.  Koko Head is scheduling more vision screenings having already done Ali’iolani, Kahala and Wilson schools with the help of few of our members. They will need a few of us at their future screenings starting on Wed, Jan 18 at Liholiho ES.

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