June 2019 President’s Message

Aloha Lions, CIS and Friends!

I would like to thank the Hawaii Kai Lions for your support throughout my term as your Club’s President.  It has been a privilege and honor serving you as I will continue to do so in support of President-Elect Lion Ellsworth Fujii and new Board of Directors.

Big Mahalo to my Board Members that served so proudly and unwaveringly.  Thank you so much Secretary, Lion Cynthia for keeping me organized, I couldn’t have done it without you!  The Board Members brought a lot of passion and great ideas to propel the club forward which will transcend into the 2019-2020 term.  Thanks to President-Elect Ellsworth for conducting our meeting in May, which was good practice for him ?  Welcome to our newly inducted Lion Kelan Yoshioka and thank you for already helping with our activities!

It is with heavy heart to have lost Life Member Lion Apolonio “Sindi” Sindiong.  He was a Melvin Jones Fellow and served as HKLC’s President 1989- 1990. I will always remember him with his amazingly cheerful smile.  He will be missed as he has served many in our community.  With deep regards to CIS Joan and Family as you are part of our Hawaii Kai Lions Ohana.

The Hawaii Lions District 50’s, 83rd District Convention was a funtastic event held May 2 to 4 at the Ala Moana Hotel.  The Keynote speaker with a wonderful sense of humor, was International Director Don Nolan and CIS Betty, from St. Peters, Missouri.

Check out D50 Website: http://www.hawaiilions.org/  Leo Liona’s Newsletter for photos and more…the adoption of the required new District Constitution and ByLaws and the vote on the proposed amendment to use some of the net convention proceeds for the disaster relief fund.

The new DG Team for FY: 2019-2020 – Congratulations to:   Lions DG-Elect Angie Haramoto, 1st VDG-Elect Garrett Ogawa and 2nd VDG-Elect Mitch Tam.

There were many well-deserved awards presented and recognition announced.  Here are recipient Lions from our Hawaii Kai Lions Club.                                                                                                              International President’s Certificate of Appreciation:                                        David Iwana                                                                                                                               Peggy Oyama

District Governor’s Certificate of Appreciation:                                             Ellsworth Fujii

Stellar Club Award 2018-2019:                                                                                              Hawaii Kai Lions Club – Received Certificate and $100

Mahalo to Ken Nishibun for being the DG “Distinguished Guest” Banquet’s host extraordinaire.  And Peggy Oyama Chaired the Service Project.

District 50 Hawaii Lions Humanitarian of the Year:  Dr. Craig Nakatsuka  Seafarer’s Ministry. Provided free medical care to fishermen confined to ship.

District 50 Hawaii Lion’s Lion of the Year:  PDG Bernard Ho  Lions Club of Honolulu.

As Lion Peggy’s Cyber Club comes to fruition soon, she will become an Associate Member of Hawaii Kai Lions Club.  I have confidence she will be a great leader – having the energy, resources and contacts that she has.

We encourage our members to share their stories and experiences as Lion Ralph Nakamura did at our general meeting.  He was presented an award for initiating a clean-up effort at his home State Park which still continues.

Lion Ken has again remarkably secured the support of Mayor Caldwell’s Honolulu Police Department to provide traffic, participant and community security for the Hawaii Kai Holiday Parade!  Great job Lion Ken!!!

Sight is Beautiful – Kamiloiki ES won 4th place (5th Grade) Hawaii Kai LC       and Aina Haina ES won 1st place (Kindergarten) Koko Head LC.                      Zone Chair Gary Nip will be our area Zone Chair for a second term.  He announced he will be running for 2VDG 2020-2021 and would like to meet with our club.  We wish him success in his venture as he has been supportive and active in our zone and HKLC activities.

PDG Roy Aoki announced the four recipients of $500 grants made by Hawaii Kai Lions, to match their contribution to Campaign 100.  As he indicated, the program is administered by Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) therefore, the Lions who participate will be able to get a Melvin Jones Fellowship or Melvin Jones Fellow Progressive award.  Thank you and Congratulations to Lion Helen Morita, Lion David Iwana, Lion Ellsworth Fujii and me, Lion Sandy.

As this is my last Presidents Bulletin to write – I can’t believe where the time went.  President – Elect Ellsworth will now carry the torch!                                       “YES WE SERVE!

Mahalo,  Lion President Sandy Gomes