March 10th – Koko Head Elementary School Keiki Karnival

Submitted by Frances Lum

The beginning of March brought us whipping winds and unexpected downpours, but just in time for Keiki Karnival at Koko Head Elementary School, the skies cleared. March 10 was a gorgeous day for the keiki to be outside and have some fun! And fun they had at the various game booths, including an opportunity to dunk Principal Jeffrey Shitaoka. Each game was an opportunity to win tickets which were redeemed for all sorts of prizes – games, headphones, basketballs, and even scooters! The students bought used toys at incredibly reasonable prices and entered a raffle for a toys and games, with a Roblox gift card being the most popular item. They also indulged in yummy food, popcorn, and shaved ice.

Before the Karnival opened, CIS Lynn Yee, Lions David Iwana, Ken Nishibun, and Yolisa Ishibashi bagged popcorn. Lions Marja Leivo, Eric Kimura, David, and CIS Lyn all helped with game booths; Lion Kerry Yoon split his time at a game booth and helped Lion Yolisa collect money at the used toys area; Lion Ken worked at the prize redemption table; Lion Frances Lum watched over the raffle table; and Lion Jeanne Alices sold popcorn. Lion Jeanne apparently was Miss Congeniality because students took pictures of her, went back more than once just to say hi, and she sold all the popcorn!