March 2020 President’s Message

Although February is a short month but it seemed long due to the projects and activities which we had.

We had 2 great speakers in Doug Park, American Diabetes Association and John Mau & Rob Holden of HPD. Doug gave an educational presentation about nutrition and exercise to prevent diabetes.  And, things you can do to check for early signs of diabetes.  It was nice to see that Lion meetings and speakers provide a means for old friends to hook up again–  Doug and Kerry Yoon were elementary school friends.

John and Rob also provided great information on crime prevention and what we can do to protect ourselves.  And, good tips like leaving your TV or radio on when you’re away from your house and using a timer to turn on my lights when I’m on a trip. I will be contacting Rob to see if Kalama Valley has a Neighborhood Security Watch group.

Kelan Yoshioka and Frances Lum received their Proud Lion and LCI Mentoring Program Certificates at the 3rd Cabinet meeting on February 15.  Sponsors Ken Nishibun and Dr. Roger Ede also received LCI Mentoring Program Certificates. Liza Gill, Flavors Hook Kids, was a guest speaker and the cabinet supportive of their campaign.  2VDG Mitch Tam will bring it to the D50 cabinet for endorsement.

For those that attended Cynthia’s Chinese New Year dinner, what a feast we had!!!  Her house was also decorated so it felt like you were in a Chinese restaurant in China.  Also in attendance were her orchid and Line dance clubs.  Thank you, Cynthia!

Thanks to Ken Nishibun for coordinating the Kaiser Complex 5th Grade Fitness meet. There were a lot of fit and competitive kids.

Eric Kvick, Gary Nip, and I promoted Lions at the Great Aloha Run Expo on Saturday and met several people who were interested in joining a Lions club.  Early the next day (4:30am), Eric and I helped D50 with the GAR t-shirt distribution.

Thanks to Allen Umeda who coordinated the Community Huki (Invasive Algae Removal), Saturday, Feb 22, 9:00am Kuli?ou?ou Beach Park. We had help from Eric’s friends visiting from Washington who got to see Lions in action.

Joel Leo, David Iwana, Kendrick Chang, and I attended the Pack 101 Blue & Gold Banquet on Sunday, February 23. Good to see boys and girls learning responsibility and commitment skills at a young age.  An interesting note of how things in the community are connected, Rob Holden, HPD, is married to one of the primary leaders of the scout program.  His 2 sons were among others honored at the banquet.

Rich Halverson (15 years) and Tommy Chun (30 years) received LCI Chevron awards for Length of Service at the meeting.  Also receiving Chevron awards were Andy Uramoto (45 years) and Ralph Nakamura (20 years).

Some reminders, deadline to sign up for the Zone Social is March 14 and Leos are again collecting hotel toiletries to give the homeless.

President Ells