May 24th – Sorting HI-5 bottles and cans at Koko Head Elementary School

Glass bottles.  Plastic bottles.  Aluminum cans.  Non-recyclables and trash.  That’s what students, parents, and Hawaii Kai Lions Cynthia Chun, Yolisa Ishibashi, Walter Kuroiwa, Appan Subramanian, and Frances Lum and guest Lori Isaki sorted through on May 24, 2022 at Koko Head Elementary School.  The school has two large cages for the collection of HI-5 recyclables, and periodically, the cages must be emptied and the bottles and cans must be sorted and bagged.  Working fast and efficiently, the cages were quickly emptied, and the ground picked clean of broken glass. 

Proceeds from the HI-5 recyclables benefit the school.  If you have HI-5 bottles and cans, consider dropping them off at the school.  The cages are located in the front of the school and are accessible any time of day.

Submitted by Lion Frances Lum