November 22nd – Hawaii Kai Lions Survey Sidewalks for Safety Hazards

Submitted by Lion Yolisa Ishibashi

From October 24 to November 16, 2021, 13 Lions and 2 CIS surveyed the Hawaii Kai communities of Kuliouou, Hahaione Valley, Kai Nui, Anchorage, Mariner’s Ridge, Portlock, Koko Head Terrace, Mariner’s Cove, and Kalama Valley for unsafe sidewalk conditions.  Close to 675 hazardous sites were recorded after 47 hours of walking the sidewalks and estimated 10 hours of recordkeeping.  Approximately 50% of the Hawaii Kai sidewalks were surveyed, with the remainder to be potentially surveyed at a later date.

Lions participating in this event included Jeanne Alices, Reiko Caires, Cynthia Chun, Ellsworth

Fujii, Sandy Gomes, Yolisa Ishibashi/CIS Anthony Nakamura, David Iwana, Bill Kern, Marja Leivo, Frances Lum, Appan Subramanian, Allen Umeda, and Rick Yee/CIS Lyn Yee.  A huge mahalo to them for withstanding the heat, humidity, and occasional rain while completing this phase of the project.

The survey data will be submitted to the Lions’ Safe Sidewalk Coordinator Jerry Nagatani, who in turn will submit it to the City & County of Honolulu’s Department of Facility Maintenance, Division of Road Maintenance for their review.  Thereafter, “Phase 2 – Repair of Sidewalks” will commence with a request for volunteers to assist in repairing the designated sidewalks.