October 8th – Going Green E-Waste Recycling Koko Head Elementary School

Summited by Allen Umeda

There was a pair of Going Green E-Waste Recycling events this month hosted at Koko Head Elementary School on October 8, and Kaimuki High School on October 15. A variety of recyclable items were collected including office and home electronics, clothing, drink containers, batteries, and glasses.

Traffic was light at Koko Head Elementary School, possibly due to the event being on the weekend of fall break, and the challenge of publicizing events recently. We may need to consider how to improve the effectiveness of our methods to notify the public of our events in the future.

The Koko Head Elementary event included volunteers from the school, Kaiser High School and a few Lions from other clubs.

Hawaii Kai Lions volunteers included Nancy Rocheleau and CIS Bob, Silvia Ardila and son Gabriel, Kerry Yoon, Francis Lum Ellsworth Fujii, Allen Umeda