The Hawaii Kai Lions Club holds one principal fundraising event each year to raise funds to support the numerous community service projects.  Its Annual Father’s Day Benefit Breakfast is well into its fourth decade. Another long-time event is the Holiday Parade which is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Some of the projects in which the Hawaii Kai Lions are involved include:

Education and School Services, in which we provide support and assistance to Kaiser High School, Kamiloiki, Haha’ione, and Koko Head Elementary Schools.  We also provide manpower and monetary support to the Hawaii Kai Public Library.

Environmental Services, in which we assist in various park and beach cleanup projects, e-Waste and other environmental activities.

Hunger, in which we provide manpower and/or monetary donations to organizations such as Angel Network Charities and the Hawai’i Foodbank to help provide meals and nutrition for those in need—in hopes that one day no child will ever have to live without knowing when their next meal will come.  In addition, we have cooked and served meals at the Next Step Shelter.

Health Services and Sight Conservation services, in which we sponsor community health fairs, organ donor programs, perform vision and hearing screenings at the schools in the Hawaii Kai community, and the collection of used eyeglasses for distribution to countries where people do not have access to vision care.

Youth, in which we provide manpower and monetary assistance, such as sponsorship of the Kaiser High School’s LEO club and the Boy’s and Cub Scout Troop 101.

Childhood Cancer, in which we provide manpower and monetary assistance to help improve outcomes for children with cancer.

Senior Citizen, by providing manpower and monetary assistance to the Lunalilo Home.

Diabetes, by providing manpower and monetary assistance for better diabetes care and improve the lives of those living with diabetes.

Rescue Tube Project:

In Hawaii, nearly half the non-resident deaths are by drowning and about 80% of these occur in the ocean. Oahu’s east facing shores make Hawaii Kai one of the worst areas in our state for drownings (Drownings and Near drownings report Ref. Page 10).

The use of rescue equipment makes a rescue safer for anyone attempting to assist a drowning victim. The primary piece of rescue equipment used by lifeguards is the rescue tube. (Rescue Skills – Chapter 5 Ref. Page 2). Rescue tubes are easy to use for ordinary citizens in rescuing victims and cost effective to provide on a widespread basis.

The Hawaii Kai Lions Club is raising money to purchase and distribute rescue tubes across the island of Oahu. For more information, visit link to Hawaii Kai Lions – Rescue Tube project