Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

Rescue Tube Project

Rescue TubeRescue tubes – floatation devices used to help rescue a swimmer in distress – are maintained by us at several spots on the east shoreline:  China Walls, Spitting Caves, Rock Bridge, Lanai Lookout, etc.  We do it because, in Hawaii, nearly half the non-resident deaths are by drowning and about 80% of these occur in the ocean . Oahu’s east facing shores make Hawaii Kai one of the worst areas in our state for drownings (Ref. Page 10).

The use of rescue equipment makes a rescue safer for anyone attempting to assist a drowning victim. The primary piece of rescue equipment used by lifeguards is the rescue tube. (Ref. Page 2). Rescue tubes are easy to use for ordinary citizens in rescuing victims and cost effective to provide on a widespread basis.

The Hawaii Kai Lions Club is raising money to purchase and distribute rescue tubes across the island of Oahu.

The Hawaii Kai Lions Club is teaming with the Rescue Tube Foundation. Together we are dedicated to lowering the incidence of drowning by providing lifesaving sentinel flotation equipment (Rescue Tubes) at recreational aquatic environments in Hawaii and beyond.

It is the immediate intention of the Lions and the Foundation to install a sufficient number of Rescue Tubes on the beaches within reasonable distances of each other in order that the devices will be readily recognized and easily available to the swimming public.

Rescue Tubes Saving Lives in Hawaii

Rescue tubes are easy to use and have saved lives in Hawaii. Watch the June 7th, 2015 KHON 2 news clip how a rescue tube helped with a Kauai rescue.

Queen’s Bath Kauai Valentine’s Day Rescue 2016

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How to use a Rescue Tube

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