September 1st – Kamilo’iki School Traffic Awareness Sign Waving Project

Submitted by Lion Yolisa Ishibashi

On September 1, 2021, nine Lions met with HPD Officer John Mau at Kamilo’iki Elementary School at 7:15 a.m. to participate in traffic awareness sign waving before the start of the school day.  They were joined by HPD Officer Kaimi Kellett, Principal Jason Yoshimoto, and five student council members.  Some messages on the signs included “Yield to Pedestrians”, “No Need to Speed”, “Bad Choices Ruin Lives”, and “Honk if You’re Happy”; the last sign being made by the student council members.

Lions participating in this event included Ellsworth Fujii, Yolisa Ishibashi, Eric Kimura, Walter

Kuroiwa, Marja Leivo, Frances Lum, Ken Nishibun, Nancy Rocheleau, and Appan


In supporting the Community Policing Team of District 7 East Honolulu and Kamilo’iki Elementary School, the Hawaii Kai Lions continue to encourage safe driving near our schools and look forward to future sign waving projects with them and other schools within the community.