September 2020 President’s Message

Hi Hawaii Kai Lions, CIS’s and All,

As we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown number two my mind is wandering to similar things that have happened in my life.

Let me set the scene..picture two young boys, lets all them Frick and Frack, in spring 1957 or so, enjoying the freedom when school had just ended. If you can picture a block of houses, all pretty much the same, on a street with culverts (we called them ditches) on both sides. These ditched would turn into rivers during a big rain. Most ditches were full of weeds and grass, except Mr. Wilson’s house where it was full of nice decorative rocks. As it would be this years biggest downpour came just two days into the summer break. So Frick and Frack did what any inquisitive boys would do, they  stacked up all of Mr. Wilson’s rocks to form a dam, successfully flooding mr Wilson’s front yard to the point that water seeped into the house under the front door.

This chain of events led to a stay at home order and Frick being put into lockdown for the summer of 1958. The only activity allowed was cutting the grass with a push mower and picking up crabapples. Frick’s mother assured him that the stay at home order was the only way to keep him from living a life of crime. Frick studied biology in his spare time after finding his father’s Playboys hidden in the house.

Frack on the other hand was given a suspended sentence for ratting on Frick. Frack went on to move into experiments with explosives. First propelling golf balls thru a pipe (like a mortar) aimed at Frick while he was picking up crabapples. Later in life he went into positive uses of explosives and invented (you guessed it) fracking.

There is a moral to this story, I just forget what it is..

Upcoming activities

* COVID 19 numbers are going up the 9-10-20 Board meeting will be Zoom Only. This will be evaluated on a monthly basis

* You will all receive an invite to the 9-17-20 regular Zoom meeting, I hope to see you all there

*Please everyone, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with suggestions, comments, questions or concerns.

Special mention this month:

*Lion Kerry Yoon, who acquired hand sanitizer and signage necessary for in person activities

*Lion Frances Lum, who drove around visiting lions, distributing goodwill and D50 booklets

*Lion David Iwana, who finalized the agreement with Kaiser HS for our club to use a container on their property for pancake equipment and other storage

*Lion Rich Halverson, our secretary, for keeping things in order and hosting our Zoom meetings

*All Lions and friends who helped raise funds for the Hawaii Food Bank. To date our virtual fundraising has reached $1,764.56 (currently leading all fundraisers). This is probably better than we usually raise with fishnets at Costco, with no sunburn.

Stay safe and have a great month.