September 22nd – Recycling at Koko Head Elementary School

Submitted by Lion Silvia Ardila

It was interesting to arrive aroud 7:30 am and see how several parents and administrative staff were super active opening and removing the donated recycling materials from the cages. Some children were also very excited to be participating just before starting their school day.

Little by little people continued to arrive, more parents, volunteers from the community who approached and asked if they could help.

The cages were packed to the top, many broken bottles made us very careful not to cut ourselves, more and more plastic as well as cans produced a surprising amount of noise as they were pushed out of the cages for sorting.

It was fun to see how active each person was while picking, sorting, taking off the lids, filling the bags, moving the bags to the pile, and finally the biggest reward, seeing the cages empty and everything clean around it.

Thanks to all the Lion volunteers:  Lions Cynthia Chun, Ells Fujii, Yolisa Ishibashi, Marja Leivo, Frances Lum, and Silvia Ardila. Frances’ daughter, Kristen also helped while visiting from California. Thanks also to the administrative staff for the Raising Canes coupons!