Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

September 25th – Food Drive Sign-Making Project

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Submitted by Lion Ellsworth Fujii

On Tuesday, September 20, Shasta Yamada, Koko Head LC and Cynthia, Marja, Appan, and Ellsworth met at Appan’s condo meeting room to make signs for a Joint Food Drive project initiated by DG Gary Nip.  The Lions, Rotary and Kiwanis joined forces for a food drive at the State Capitol on Friday, September 23.  The joint service initiative was established in 2021 when the organizations realized that collaboration is needed since resources are scarce and that a joint global service initiative could make a far greater impact in our communities than a single act.  More about the food drive will be in this coming month’s Leo Liona.

Shasta brought her Cricut, a smart cutting machine which was used to cut out letters to make food drive signs. Shasta, who previously made signs using the Cricut, taught the rest of us how it worked, and we made 6 very professional looking signs.  We all enjoyed ourselves while learning and making mistakes and making fun of each other. 

Shasta had so much fun that she suggested having another sign-making session and using the grills to make steaks.  We will need more signs for the November 19, 2022 D50 food drive at the State Capitol.  A sign-up sheet will be created when we pick a date, some time in October, for those who are interested in making signs and joining us.

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