September 30th – Recycling with the Friends of Koko Head

Submitted by Lion Frances Lum

The two HI-5 recycle cages at Koko Head Elementary School were filled nearly to the top and required sorting in order to turn the bottles and cans into cash.  Joining Koko Head Elementary School parents, faculty and staff, and students on the morning of September 30, 2021, were Hawaii Kai Lions Ellsworth Fujii, Appan Subramanian, Marja Leivo, Yolisa Ishibashi, and Frances Lum.  You’d be amazed at the variety of sodas, juices, beers, and other alcoholic drinks!
The proceeds from the recycled bottles and cans will go to the Friends of Koko Head Elementary School and directly supports the school.  If you have HI-5 recyclables, please consider donating to the school.  You can’t miss the donation cages when you drive up to the school.