September 7th – Kamiloiki TV Project

On September 7, 2021, three Lions and one CIS met at Costco to buy and transport a 70” Samsung Crystal UHD TV to Kamiloiki Elementary School.  Principal Jason Yoshimoto requested a TV to be used in their library as a teaching tool for the students in reading comprehension, research, and other subjects.  A $50 Costco gift card was also donated for the staff to use for their working lunch meetings.

Lions participating in this event included Yolisa Ishibashi, Walter Kuroiwa, Ken Nishibun, and CIS Tony Nakamura.

Principal Yoshimoto was very grateful for the generous donations and for the continued support of the Hawaii Kai Lions.  In turn, the Hawaii Kai Lions look forward to assisting him and Kamiloiki Elementary in future endeavors.

Submitted by Lion Yolisa Ishibashi