September 15th – Supplies for Koko Head Elementary School

Submitted by Lion Frances Lum

Hawaii Kai Lions help to promote good health and fitness in Koko Head Elementary School students by supplying the school with thirty yoga mats. Petra Bergmann-Ruzioka teaches yoga to all the students, starting with the Kindergarteners. Upon receiving the mats, she exclaimed, “I love teaching yoga to our students. They are so into it. Yoga helps them not only at school, it helps them at home and in the community. Thank you to the Hawaii Kai Lions for their generous donation to purchase a classroom set of yoga mats for our school. Our students love these new mats!”
In addition to the mats, the Lions donated a variety of sports equipment – jump ropes, volleyballs, soccer balls, and 26-inch rubber exercise balls – and play doh. The play doh is being used by a very creative instructor to enhance learning Japanese.