Upcoming Events

August 6th – American Heart Assn Heart Walk 4:30-9:00 am
Need 10 Lions at Kapiolani Park. AHA needs assistance with parking control at Kapiolani Park.
Chairs: Jeanne Alices 

August 13th – Invasive Seaweed Removal

Wade in knee deep water and remove invasive seaweed. Please complete the online waiver form https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/568e9cb7c635a/web

Chair: Allen Umeda

August 17th – Club meeting w/ Koko Head LC in lieu of HK Club Meeting

August 20th – Food Bank Collection at Koko Marina Craft Fair

Pay our own dinner. Review protocol for vision screening and refamiliarize testing w/ the S12 machine. Come meet members from our zone club.

Chair: Cynthia Chun

Report to the middle of shopping center near Assaggios. We will collect canned goods at a table set up. Leave whenever you have to.

Chair: Eric Kvick

October 8th – Safe Sidewalk Project – 8:00 to 10:30 am

To complete the sidewalk repairs on Pepeekeo Street, next to Hahaione Elementary School.
Chair: Yolisa Ishibashi