Upcoming Events

May 21st – Koko Marina Center Breakfast Ticket sales booth

Manning a booth, “under a covered lanai” to sell Father’s Day Breakfast Tickets. Parking “strictly” only on the adjoining streets.

May 22nd – Breakfast Ticket Canvassing

Canvassing Hawaii Kai Area.

May 24th – HI-5 Recylable Sorting Koko Elementary

Help sort through bottles and cans from the Koko Head School recycle cages. Wear covered shoes, and bring gloves, hat, water, stool (optional). Park outside.

May 29th – Breakfast Ticket Canvassing

Canvassing Hawaii Kai Area.

June 9th – Aloha Party

Fellow Lions a sign-up sheet is on our sight for the Aloha Party for soon to be Past-President Ellsworth. The theme for this will be “A Toast or A Roast”, and some of you may want to be part of this so please let me know.

June 11th – Safe Sidewalks Project

To repair unsafe sidewalks in Hawaii Kai. This is a reschedule of the April 16 project, which was cancelled due to rain.

June 19th – Father’s Day Breakfast 6:30 am- 10:00 am Actual pick-up time

If you have a job preference for that day please contact Eric Kimura. We will need all the help we can get from Lions and CIS available.